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When Do You Decide It Is Time for a Facelift?

By December 23, 2020January 12th, 2021Insurance
From acknowledging our rich past to embracing a bright future

Who doesn’t love the feeling that comes with getting something new? A new pair of shoes; a fresh coat of paint; a fun new hairdo…there is just something about it that makes us feel good and draws others closer too. Sure the old shoes, walls and cut were reliable and served their purpose. There is just something about getting something new to bring on a whole new perspective. Many times you live with something day in and day out and you don’t realize it is dated, or a little tattered. You have to step back and take a look with new eyes. As other small business owners know, it is difficult to work IN your business and ON your business—yet it is necessary every single day.

I co-own and work in an insurance agency that is the longest standing agency in the community, built from the ground up, serving thousands of clients and providing ‘peace of mind’ for the last 87 years. Several months ago we took a step back and looked at our agency from a different perspective…the outside in. In this new age of instant everything, push button, hands free, wireless, ageless yet aging world, we realized we needed to make changes. With all due respect to our forefathers and mothers, we just realized we didn’t have a brand that truly defined our team.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”
-Deepak Chopra

How true Deepak! We contacted IronGate Creative, a local branding firm that worked with us for several months to learn the true personality of our business. We interviewed current clients, past clients, companies, the mailman—anyone we could to ask ‘what was their perspective of Harrington-Hoch?’ Once we focused in on the results, we worked on our rebranding plan. We navigated our way through color changes, logos, mission statements, tag lines and billboards. In the end the dust did settle—and believe me, there was a lot of dust after 87 years of little to no change.

We are proudly displaying our new logo, tagline, billboards, website, stationary and signage. In the process we learned our true personality from those we serve. We are professionals with a sense of humor, along with a serious commitment to serve. A couple of new colors thrown in a redesigned ‘H’ and a new tag line that continually resonated with our team spirit might be the main two changes the community notices. But the process is what made the most impact on our team. We are renewed and excited way beyond the branding change. We are strutting a new spring in our step, glowing in the brightness of our new surroundings and one hundred percent committed to our new edgy ‘Do’!

Harrington-Hoch works best when things go wrong, so that you can focus on the things that matter.